Which Photobooks?


Currently I came across 4 online printing companies that offer similar products. They seem to have similar software and printed products. All of them have fan page on facebook.

If you were to order one, please monitor them on facebook and try to wait for at least 40% discount offer before you order.

Which one should I choose? All the same quality products. The only difference is the price.

This post is in relation to http://adiharriman.com/blog/?p=1377

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One thought on “Which Photobooks?

  1. -BerOn- says:

    TQ untuk sharing. Aku bari beli satu pack prepaid dari wedoo Canon, kat matta fair PWTC. Sample buku mereka nampak cantik, tapi tak tao buku yang saya akan buat ni semacam cantik tak. Pernahkah adi try buku mereka? harap brand canon ni takan mengecewakan….

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