• 04Sep

    I ran 3 times in the morning out of my 4 days Raya holiday in Palong 1 Negeri Sembilan since I had nothing to do. My wife was busy in the kitchen and my kids were playing with cousins.

    2nd Raya, I ran 5.2km. 3rd Raya I ran 7.4km and 4th Raya before my journey back I ran 10km.

    Surprisingly I’m gaining weight instead of losing it. I weighted 90kg – 92kg before fasting month. Just before Raya I weighted 89kg – 90kg. Now my weight is 92kg – 93 kg!

    Now, it seems that running, cycling and all form of exercises for losing weight does not work for me. I think it is about reducing intake of unhealthy food like curry, nasi lemak, roti canai and all oily food.

    Just looking at my face, you know that I’m gaining weight.

    This up and down between Palong 1 and Palong 2 I have to conquer during my run.

    My new Garmin 405 that works perfectly. The picture was taken in front of my in-law house.

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