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Applying a visa for umrah is not as easy as other visa. You cannot simply apply yourself but have to go through an umrah agent. Agent in Malaysia has to engage an agent in Saudi (Muasasah). Some muasasah insist that you must have accommodation and  transportation arranged first before you can apply for visa.

I called Utas Travel and Gemilang Travel, but they only arranged visa application for the one who took up their umrah package.

At last someone told me about Jagung Mas Travel. They charged RM350 for the visa. They applied the visa as if I’m traveling in their group. For cheaper alternative, I heard someone doing it in KL for RM270.

The Visa condition: You must enter Saudi within 30 days from the date of the visa. So the earliest you can apply is 30 days before you are due to enter Saudi. Your stay in Saudi must not exceed 30 days.

After all the suspense, I finally got my umrah visa. InsyaAllah, I’ll arrive in Madinah on 10 April and travel back to Malaysia from Jeddah on 20 April.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Buy ticket. You need to submit ticket when applying visa
  2. Ladies must have mahram and any sort of documents to prove that, to submit together when with visa application.
  3. Contact agent for visa application. Not many agents willing to do it if the ground arrangement not purchased together. They will get in trouble if you overstayed or violate any of visa condition.
  4. In my case, the agent sort of evaluated me and convinced that I would not violate the visa condition before agreed to arrange for visa.
  5. They will create a mock package and stick on the passport before applying for visa.
  6. When you received back your passport, you will notice a small sticker at the back with the name of an agent in Saudi.
  7. Before traveling to Saudi, you have to have some idea where are you staying, at least a name of the hotel. Just the name and do not have to book it. In my case I have the business card from the hotel given to me by my father who went there a month before.
  8. When you land in Saudi, all went as normal except before final exit door at the airport. Someone will ask to look at your passport and they will shout the name of the agent at the back of your passport.
  9. Your Saudi agent will approach you and ask you about arrangement in the Saudi. You just tell them that everything is arranged for and give him the name of the hotel.
  10. They will arrange the taxi for you.

That’s all.

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19 thoughts on “Visa for Umrah

  1. Shahana says:

    I really want to know how u do it to go umrah without agent and ustaz to assist you there. I am first time going so no experience

  2. mohd. saleh dalhar says:

    assasalamualaikum wbt.
    i wish to perform umrah [3 person] sometime in the month of april 2013,
    without going through any package or agency.
    please advise on the procedures i have to go through.
    please tell me the the dificulty i might face for the journey.
    thank you.

  3. Amir says:

    Salam. Saya tinggal di kuala lumpur dan sedang mencar travel agent yang sanggup menguruskan visa umrah. Saya telah menelefon andalusia dan bebera travel agent lain tapi malangnya semua require to take up their hotels as well. Would appreciate if you can share list of agents in kl if you do know. Hanya allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik tuan. Tima kasih

  4. adi says:

    Agent kat airport saudi just nak tengok passport untuk tahu jemaah yang datang tu milik agent mana. Passport sentiasa kat kita

  5. azanov says:

    kalau kat KL, saya baru tanya sykt De Mawardah dan Al Hijrah ada buat visa only, tapi RM500.. tak jumpa la yg murah lg..

  6. Enawati says:

    Salam, Jika ada terjumpa agency di KL yang lebih murah untuk uruskan visa umrah, mintak share di sini. TQ

  7. suhaimi says:

    terima kasih adi harriman atas info.
    cuma nak tanya je lagi sikit ada minimum length of stay x?

  8. adi says:

    suhaimi, minimum tak ada. Max 30 hari. Tapi sekarang dengar kata saudi bagi 2 minggu saja sebab masjid tengah contruction

  9. fazilah says:

    hi….saya bercadang untuk mengerjakan umrah pada awal bln 5. ( 1.05.2015 -13.05.2015). sekiranya ade yang berminat untuk menjalankan umrah pada tarikh tersebut, bolehla kita pakat2..Umrah DIY. wassap sy 0126512275..fazilah

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