• 24Nov

    Buying shoes from internet is not easy. You have to get the size right. To get a wrong size shoes from online shop 6000 miles away has no remedy.

    I went to local shop to try on Asics. Size US12 is the size for me same as Brooks I currently used.

    I ordered the one below. When it arrived, it was too tight. I was frustrated.  2 weeks later I was in KL and I visited Asics Boutique and I tried Nimbus and Cumulus size US12 and theyt fit perfectly.

    When I got home I looked closely at my cumulus and it is size US12 for women!

    Women US12 = 44.5 EURO = 28.5cm. Men shoes should be US12 = 46.5 EURO = 29.5cm.

    Then I filed a complain. A week later, I got full refund and I got to keep the shoes.






    Posted by adi @ 1:42 am

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