Time to upgrade – Canon 20D and 28-135mm for sale


I’m planning to sell of one of my trusted Canon 20D and maybe buying Canon 40D in the future. It  works perfectly even cosmetically showing sign of usage. It served me well for a few years.

I’m also planning to buy Canon 24-105mm L after selling this Canon 28-135mm. It was cleaned by Canon last year.

Canon 20d – body, battery, charger, strap, front cap, manual, TV cable, original box and some other things.  No warranty. Shutter count and age – unknown. Price – RM1150

Canon 28-135mm IS – lens, filter, front and rear cap, hood, original box and manual. No warranty. Age – unknown. No dust. No fungus. No scratch. Price – Rm1050

I’m offering 2 weeks money back if you wish to return it with 10% restocking fee. No question asked if you return it within 2 weeks. And free pos laju. COD Alor Setar only.

Contact: webmaster@adcipta.net, 0194418308 (Adi)

How to pay – http://adcipta.net/contact.html

Not an urgent or must sell sale.
This ad will be posted in Photomalaysia, Shutterasia, FTZ and Lowyat.
So be quick if you are interested.



2 thoughts on “Time to upgrade – Canon 20D and 28-135mm for sale

  1. Reagan says:

    How much is the 20d body onli N plus a lens~~ i am a beginner from SLR to DSLR~~ i really interest on it~~ my budget is below Rm1000~~ can??

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