The good, the bad and the ugly of Pendang Jamboree 2009


The Pendang Jamboree broke the record as the quickest organised event of this year. Preparation and everything was done in less than a month. The event attracted 200+ riders.

The organiser managed to get cooperation from all authorities. Trek and traffic were managed perfectly by Marshall, Police, Rela and JPA3. Ambulance and Medic also available. Sufficient road signages provided. Mineral water, Pisang and 100+ were given t o riders.

Medals were given for the first 100 riders only.

The best food so far for Jamboree. The Masakan Kampung food was cooked on site. But sadly it was not enough for all riders. Maybe the earlier riders ate a lot.

The track is shorter than average Jamboree. Only 17km offroad. Not much climbing but a lot of pushing towards the end.

The weather – no one can control. Raining all the way. The heaviest rain in Jamboree so far for me.

Other complains received, the riders should get more for RM45 paid and at least cycling jersey. Too many prizes given to winners. Should allocate more for lucky draws.

Some facts from my garmin:
Distance: 32.9km
Start time: 8.38am
Total ascent/descent: 379 meter
Calories: 1844
15km On road/ 17km offroad

It is about 2/3 as tiring as BM Mengkuang Dam and a bit more difficult than Lembah Bujang Jamboree because of the rain.

To sum up, it was more like a race than a jamboree.

Click image for bigger picture. From the map, a lot of area can be explored to lengthen the track.

Starting Point. Not much pictures taken due to the rain.

Picture taken by Loso –

This crazy lady Sandra drove 9 hours alone from Kuantan for this jamboree. She invited all to join Monsoon Ride

Party time.

5 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly of Pendang Jamboree 2009

  1. zn says:

    On any cycling events, i’m always waiting for your post. When it comes to technical report, the garmin, the trails and your sharp observation, you’re the best. Keep on sharing.

  2. MDP says:

    Adi, we need more expert view and opinion for our Jamboree next year. to avoid all the hassle and problem arise. boleh join committee kot? hehe

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