• 07Jun

    I never like running or any sport of that kind. Friday morning cross country during my school day in Mat Jiwa was what I hated the most.

    Early this year, I started to like this running activities. My friend, Man Bank Rakyat sort of asking me to join him running the marathon. And also in running, it is very easy to get everyone in the family to get involve. Actually, initially I just wanted to try something different.

    To motivate, I set a goal. I want to run half marathon this year and maybe full marathon next year.

    At first, to run 200m without stopping is hard enough. Just imagine running 21km! After twice a week running around 5km for more than a month, now manage to run 7km in 50 minutes. So, on 26 June 2011, I’m aiming to complete Standard Chartered KL Marathon half marathon in less than 3 hours. If I failed, I’ll try again in Penang Bridge Marathon in November.

    At my age, when arthritis is creeping on me and my weight is dragging me, against all odds, InsyaAllah, I’ll succeed.

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon


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