• 25Oct

    I went to Sin Boon Seng shop last weekend looking for bicycle tools. It stores Giant products.

    My experience: You got to know the owner there to be treated well. The owner gives different price to different customers. The price quoted higher than smaller shops. For example, he quoted Maxxis Detonator 1.25 – RM85 while I can get it from Muwira Alor Setar shop at RM75.

    Anyway, I bought SuperB 97900 bicycle tools for RM200. No idea whether I got a good deal or not.

    Definitely I will not visit the place again.

    The info to share: Address: 57, Jalan Raya, Guar Chempedak, 08800 Kedah, 04-4686268, 04-4680578 (5.851368,100.440557)

    Posted by adi @ 11:44 pm

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  • fad68 Says:

    I bought tcr1 giant road bike RM 5090 with shimano 105 group set and at pink bike tcr 2 fully carbon body the price 5800 but different type of group set (sram ??? ). i don’t know is that the best price around.
    by the way superB 95100 cost rm260 at ah Yong shop at jln sekerat sp
    just to share the info

  • adi Says:

    TQ fad68. Glad to hear I got a good deal.

  • Gerek Basikal Says:

    Ah Yong Jln Sekerat are quite expensive. I just want there to see something new and branded items, but not to buy because of the prise.

  • ALONG Says:

    haha, I bought SuperB 97900 bicycle tools for RM185 only..MUWIRA still the cheapest bicycle shop in town bro.

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