Seri Iskandar MTB Exploration 2010 Review


I was invited to review the track of the event by Pak Chuu from Seri Iskandar Cycling Team. I invited Man Bank Rakyat who is one of the mastermind of our Great Advanture to join me for a 260km drive to Seri Iskandar.

That night before the ride, we were briefed by Pak Chuu about the track of  SIT. He said the track is for beginners. We doubt it since no one ever rode the full track.

The next morning, 26 riders joined the ride but only 7 completed it.

The first 5km will be on road. Then offroad all the way until the last 7km.

The earlier part of the offroad will be light climbing  and follow with 5km flat gravel road. Then the torture began. So many small hills to climb and follow with fast and tactical downhill. Please refer to elevation graph.

The last part of the offroad, you will enter abandon balak track for about 4km.

98% rideable. Just less than 1km in total where you have to push your bike.

Hardtail of fullsus – I prefer fullsus if I have one.

Some facts from my garmin:
Distance: 48km (after 2km deducted from wrong road)
Total ascent/descent: 829 meter (645 -for BM MTB Carnival 2009)
Calories: 2460 (2339 – for BM MTB Carnival 2009)

Unconfirmed news, there will be a very good goodies from MRCB, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, YB and lots more. There will be a carnival with live band a night before.

A lot of homestays available and you can camp if you want to. Anyway, please contact organiser.

To conclude, the track is tougher than BM MTB Carnival 2009 and have more downhill to enjoy.

Experts will enjoy it, intermediates will conquer it and beginners will chicken loop it!

Lastly, thank you Pak Chuu for a night at your homestay, dinner, breakfast and lunch. And also reimbursement for tol and petrol. And thank you also to all Seri Iskandar members and hopefully to see you again on 21st Feb.

Pictures of the track

Click image for bigger picture

Some of the images of the track. A lot more are here or click any of the images below

The winners

14 thoughts on “Seri Iskandar MTB Exploration 2010 Review

  1. melissa says:

    What happened to the rest who did not complete ? I hope the track is much better than Kawat ’09 which is “memorable” experience for my first offroad Jamboree….

  2. adi says:

    melissa, the rest chicken looped it. Kawat is different story. Kawat track was never ridden by anyone before. This one is fully tested.

  3. nasir says:

    Assalamualaikum Adi…

    Kecik2 dulu sekolah rendah kat SKTR kan? kalau betui, kita ni schoolmate sek rendah la…saya mula2 sek iskandar, darjah 2 masuk Tunku Raudzah sampai tamat sek ren…

    Sorry, kalau salah posting kat tajuk ni..

    Sek Rendah Iskandar – SKTR – SMSAH Jenan

  4. pr000 says:

    tengok mcm besh jep track nie pakcik adi(umo baru 16 tue panggil pakcik)…..

    x same langsung kalu dbandingkan ngan KAWAT taun lpasz……

  5. sumau says:

    ooo.. begitu.. so .. encik Adi.. saya sudah join.. so kalu pi… jumpo disana.. rasa rasanya nak numpang geng Mizi naik bas dua tingkat.. hehehe

  6. Taksama says:

    1. I suggest the trail info such as satellite photop, elevation plan and pics should be moved to main web page so that readers can find it easily. Earlier, I was searching for it on the main web page but couldn’t find it. I got it accidentally when I logged into the review.
    2. Any idea how many % of trail is under shade / canopy and open area? The pics seem to suggest substantial trail is under open area.

  7. Zainal (9W2NAL) says:

    Assalamualaikum saudara Adi,

    Adakah trail utk Seri Iskandar MTB Exploration 2010 ni dah confirm? Jika ya, boleh tak tolong e-mailkan GPS trail log file nya agar kayuhan lebih ceria dah bersemangat nanti. Kalau boleh di marking jugak CP dan refill station…

    Terima Kasih

  8. adi says:

    Mualaikummussalam. Gps log ada tapi termasuk yang salah jalan. CP dan refill masih belum comfirm pada hari test track

  9. adi says:

    Taksama, a lot of area under shade but cannot tell exactly. A lot of pictures were taken but the one without shade are better exposure.

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