Securities Commission License


I need to pass 2 modules to obtain Fund Management License from Securities Commission. Module 9 on Fund Management Regulation and Module 10 on Asset and Fund Management.

I passed module 9 on 20 July and module 10 only yesterday after 5 attempts. I thought I can pass easily the 10 because of my accounting background but it is more on finance. Beta, standard deviation, correlation, options haunted me for the last 2 months. Alhamdulillah – berkat doa famili dan rakan2. Now I can feel more relax.

Picture at SC when passing the module 9

Yesterday, after exam at Menara BHL Penang.

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  1. sharly says:

    googled and saw this post. i know this post was like few years back hahaha. i’ll be taking these two exams soon. so takut as i’m still new in this industry.. ada any tips tak?

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