Sayonara Penang Bridge Marathon 2012


It was the last Penang Bridge Marathon on that bridge. Next year it will be on new bridge. They can make the whole event just on the bridge due to its 24km long.

Running on the bridge is really a torture. It requires physical and mental strength. It is my first full marathon and it covered the whole length of the bridge.

The last 10km was really a torture. I walked more than half of 42km. I never felt so much pain like in any other sports. Everything was hurt. My knee, feet and all joins were killing me. What kept me going was the 7 hours cut off time.

My usual partner. Not many of my friends are into running.

I was looking for balloon with 7 hours marker.

The picture from internet

All just for this.

4 thoughts on “Sayonara Penang Bridge Marathon 2012

  1. zailani says:

    Tahniah Adi. Yesterday also my first full marathon after completed 3 half marathon. Memang rasa perit betul lari full tapi hati puas bila dah habis

  2. adi says:

    zalaini, kita sama. Lepas 3 half baru berani full. Anyway result x sama. Just made the cut off time of 7 hours

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