• 02Jun

    Handphone is not an easy gadget anymore. You must have computer and know computer to do necessary updating or improvement to your handphone else you will under-use it.

    Handphone can be your best friend that have everything that you need.

    Few months ago I bought a used Samsung i8910HD. It has great camera and video but lousy firmware. So I spent a few nights to search and learn from the internet how to update the firmware and ended up with 3rd party firmware, Hx Custom Roms which gives additional features and even have overclock mode! Another famous custom firmware is Samsung stops releasing firmware for i8910 long time ago!

    Flashing and debranding i8910 with new firmware was really frightening. I might ended up with a useless brick if it did not go well. So must learn and understand first and go ahead only if you are confident enough.

    Posted by adi @ 2:11 am

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