Quick Guide to WordPress Installation (Fantastico Era)


When you purchase a domain and hosting, your new site is typically blank without any content or even the under construction index.html.

For bloggers who want to install wordpress, you have to log on to control panel at:

Please key in your username and password given. The screen as below will come out.

Wordpress installation

For WordPress installation, scroll down and click Fantastico under Software/Service menu.

The click WordPress in Blogs category. Click new installation and then follow the instruction.

You can install your blog under sub directory or main directory. My advice is to install under sub directory such as http://yourdomain.com/blog. It is easier for file management and your might want to install other scripts in the future.

If your wordpress in under sub directory, you need to forward whoever keyin your domain as http://yourdomian.com to http://yourdomain.com/blog to avoid your site turns blank.

In the control panel, click Redirects under domains menu. The follow instruction.

You can access wordpress admin page at http://yourdomain.com/blog/wp-admin


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  1. assry says:

    Salam Adi,

    Aku plan nak tukar theme la, dah jemu theme yg ada tu. Tapi standard theme cam tak menarik la.cam ner aku nak tukar yek…


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