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Since all photos became digital a few years back, photo printing became less and less. 4R printing will become things of the past.

Ever since I bought Canon A70 in 2004 and I sold off  my Nikon SLR, printing of photos was not a must anymore. All stored in computer.

Now is the time for everybody to opt for photobook-sytle-printing. At this moment a few online companies offer photobook printing. A few that I was evaluating were, and

After evaluating, I proceeded to print Debossed Hardcover Books  15″ x 11″ with . The size is slightly less than A3. 40% discount makes it cheaper than others. The matte finish is good and durable. I printed 28 extra pages than normal 40 pages. It was  around RM240 inclusive postage. It should cost less than RM200 if no extra pages.

You have to download the software and design it. At this moment, the adding text feature is not very good. You cannot even add shadow to the text.

It took around 1.5 hour to submit/upload and less than a week to arrive at your door steps.

I’m quite satisfied with its service and quality but you must buy during promotion to get value for money deal.

Photobook review -

Photobook review -

Photobook review -

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  1. faizal says:

    Salam bro adi,
    to be frank with u..i dah follow your web since i involve dalam MTB last 2-3 months..memang superb!! banyak info menarik yg boleh dapat n u give your opinion sejujur2nya..heheh..sbnrnya i plan nak jumpa bro adi kat pendang tp x mengizinkan sbb ada hal..ingat blh jumpa kat taiping kot tp lg skali x diizinkan allah sbb kena pegi belayar la pulak for 4 months..ish..nak salam sebenarnya ni..heheh..ok la bro adi..keep a gud work..btw saya geng Pon Hawk MTB.

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