• 26Nov

    .. this year. This school holiday has been very slow for my wedding photography job. 22nd Nov 2008 was my last job this year and only job for this long school holiday. Even last August 1 week school holiday I managed to get 3 jobs. Now 7 weeks holiday but I only managed to get 1 job.  Ithink too many photog in the market. DSLR is very cheap now. With an investment of around RM3000 you can get a DSLR with kit lens and a flashgun already. Yesterday bought a DSLR and today called themselves photographer already.

    It was decades ago when I was into photography. During my schoolday which is 1980. The camera was not mine. Lim Soon Heng (my classmate) bought it but I was the one who used it almost all the time.

    The point is taking photos is not just about making money. I like kenduri atmosphere. I like meeting people and the food.

    One from my last job. Not much here but capturing the sky with the object balancely exposed during bright daylight is one of the technic cannot be learned in a day!

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