Mesilau Trail of Mount Kinabalu


On our trip to Sabah on 2 – 9 Oct 2010, we decided to take Mesilau trail when climbing Mount Kinabalu and use Timpohon Gate when going down. So we can experience both trails.

Mesilau is more difficult and 2km longer than Timpohon but the scenery is much better. The trail is more natural with ups and downs, and streams and bridges. You won’t get bored with different terrain and scenery.

The weather was perfect. We started at 8 am at Mesilau Nature Resort and the first group arrived at Laban Rata at 3pm. Zam and Nik were the last one to arrive at 6.30pm – (Sunset at 6pm). The winner must be Zam – who was with Nik all the way and helped her to reach Laban Rata.

The restaurant is at Laban Rata and our dorm is at Gunting Lagadan. It is 150m apart but some people took nearly half an hour to get there.

Overall, the climb was fun but tiring. Climb at your own pace. Do not push hard and save energy for tomorrow’s climb to the summit.

The next report will be the climb to the low peak of Mount Kinabalu.

The day 1 climbing gallery and beautiful Mesilau Trail

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