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    Last month I bought Fox fork from US. I was so lucky before and never got taxed for anything. My luck ran out.

    I bought so many thing from the oversea and never got taxed like camera, golf items, gps, sunglasses, watch and even MTB brake.

    My Fox was detained by Butterworth Custom and I had to go there to claim it. I had to pay 25% tax.

    My advise, know what will be taxed and what are not. You can check here for the rate:

    My not-so-new fox. For you to see, for me to enjoy.

    Posted by adi @ 12:39 pm

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  • Ismail Tk Intan Says:

    adi fox tu berapa beza harga beli online dgn beli kat kedai basikal? TQ

  • adi Says:

    Beli dari ebay dari individu seller. Datang dengan pam dan cd

  • melissa Says:

    Hi Adi,

    From the tax site that you posted, if I read/ search correctly “camera” stuff no tax ???

    Your Fox fork do they tax based on the value including or excluding the shipping fees ? And since it is 2nd hand, what value do they based on to tax?


  • adi Says:

    Melissa, camera confirm no tax.

    Tax calculated including shipping fee. If value more than RM1000, have to fill some form.

    Value based on what was written on the invoice or insurance.

  • melissa Says:

    Adi, thanks for the info.
    Some things are worth it to buy online from overseas
    cos it’s way too expensive to even think about buying.
    My only worry is that the things get stolen during shipping besides the tax issue.

  • adi Says:

    Melissa, so far all are safe and sound. Fedex and UPS are the best. For cheaper option, USPS priority. It has tracking system.

  • James Says:

    Flat value of USD$500.00 ( online purchase) is tax free .Anything above is subjected to tax. Depends on the Item whether it is taxable or otherwise. Camera,Watch,etc not taxable. Bicycle from children tricycle to Old man Becha all taxable at 25%. This Malaysia tax the poor and richman is tax free. Boleh land

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