Love and Hate of AirAsia


Now averyone can fly – yes correct!

They made noise when promoting cheap seats. But they silently increased other fees, you will only find out when you actually booked your tickets!

  • Luggage fee – now increase to RM20 for 15kg. Last year just RM5
  • Sporting equipment fee – from RM35 to RM50
  • Convenient fee – if you book by credit card, now the charge RM5 per ticket
  • No more priority for elderly and family with children to board first like 2 years ago.
  • Re-time – they will do as they like. For example from morning to evening
  • definitely more to come!

I hate him! But I still fly Airasia. Our great adventure will cost more!

13 thoughts on “Love and Hate of AirAsia

  1. ijan says:

    Luggage fee naik lagi ke? Ujung tahun lepas dh naik dr RM5 ke naik pulak ke RM20?? pasal credit card tu… kita pakai internet banking je..dh banyak leh pakai such as Maybank, Public..

  2. 9w2gsp says:

    easy! you gain something you loose something. like you loose even bigger than you gain.biasala business bro

  3. estima says:

    Tahun ni dah 2 kali aku ke Sabah. Kedua-duanya aku naik MAS sebab lebih murah tambangnya. So better check tambang utk tarikh-tarikh tertentu antara kedua-dua syarikat ni, especially time urgent.

  4. Razif Baling says:

    Mau tak naik fee, nuu depa nak bayaq det Barclays Premier League lagi . . . det letak gambag kat sign board belakang manager time dok interbiu masa lepaih habih game . . . det kita la depa sapu sikit-sikit . . . habuan nak cover . . . hahaha . . .

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