Life without Astro


I had cancelled my Astro subscription. My family and I will try to live without Astro starting from next month. I had fixed a normal TV aerial for free TV channels.

The subscription price went up from RM40+ to nearly RM90 for basic with sports. I rather spend more on high speed internet since I am online more than I watch TV.  As the result, I upgraded my internet to 4Mps and cancelled my Astro.

Now, anything that I want to watch I just ‘downloaded’ from internet, save in my thumbdrive and plug in on TV usb.

If my life is unbearable without Astro especially Sport Channels, I’ll find cheaper alternative.

4 thoughts on “Life without Astro

  1. sam says:

    Yup..astro charges mmg totally superb plus dgn rancangan ulangan yg xsepatutnya..congratz berjaya tanpa astro..masih tpaksa bergantung kpd astro sbb sports channel.

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