Kuala Nerang Solo Record


Determined to ride solo this morning. I never really pushed myself this couple of months.

The longest solo ride was in N9 Sept last year – Personal Record – Palong Timur dan Batu Anam

Left the house just before 7am and reached home 12.30pm with nearly 93km on the clock. Countless number of stops. 3 bottles of 100plus and a plate of rice with egg and catfish.

Route= Kampung Gerigis – Kg Gelam – Kg Kuala Lanjut – Kg Pulau Keramat – Kg Bendang Baru – Kg Bukit – Kg Pong Manis – Kg Masjid Lama – then on main road from Bukit Tampoi to Alor Setar.

View at Kg Gerigis

Hope all road with shade like this

Garmin Edge 705 guided me to beautiful minitar like this on the way back. (I set my garmin to search my way back)

5 thoughts on “Kuala Nerang Solo Record

  1. adi says:

    Mualaikummussalam. Pagi ahad ramai yang kerja dan berprogram.

    Target nak complete. Tak mau naik van!

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