Kedah Jamboree trek finally complete


After 4 tiring Saturdays, we managed to complete the trek for Kedah Jamboree. Maybe some adjustment here and there.

This is the trek from riders to riders. So riders know what riders want.

Many thanks to Nasrul Lontruth for being the head of the team with full commitment and passion. Other members are me, Nasir, Faizal Comel, Aman Letrik and Mael Auditor.

The first Saturday,  we tried Jati but unfortunately due to distance, Jati is out.

Second Saturday, we found the trek across the Bukit Balak.

Third Saturday, we went around behind Bukit Balak.

Forth Saturday ( 3 days ago), we completed the loop.

At trek Jati. Nasrul and Nasir

Trek Balak – Comel and Nasrul

Adi, Nasrul, Nasir and Comel. Taking the picture – Aman Letrik

Nasrul and Mael. This is not part of the trek.

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