• 18Jan

    I missed the actions. I missed the fun. I thought I would enjoy just taking pictures. But I found out that shooting and cycling at the same time is more fulfilling.

    My apologies to friends and organisers. Not many photos as I like. I’m running out of steam in photography. So I just shot. No awkward angles and no fancy compositions. I sold some of my gears already. Maybe it is the time to let some of friends who just bought DSLR to take over.

    Overall event was great. Organisers did a very good job.


    For me, it was more like a race or Jamborace. Jamboree should remain Jamboree. Time to make friends. Time to take photos. Time to explore. Time to know some friends you added in facebook – whom you have no idea who they are.

    Or maybe I am too old for this type of competitiveness. Even my beard starts to turn white!

    Anyway, at the end, the main concern is what type of events can bring more riders. It is about what majority wants.

    Lastly, TQ to organisers for special treats and to all friends that said hi.

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    Posted by adi @ 12:11 am

5 Responses

  • maddoha Says:

    adoih bang adi. awat sedih taktaw. biaq angka jd 60. semangat batu maw tetap. 21. hehehe

  • adi Says:

    Kena sedaq diri.. Laju tak boleh, complete boleh. Buat macam penang, tak kalut nak laju, cuma nak complete.

  • akmal Says:

    jamboree should remain as jamboree, that’s my kind of event.
    the avenue to bring to life the spirit of biking brotherhood.

    kalau jadik race, fellow rider dok krem kat tepi trail orang biaq pi mampoih sorang2 ja.

    all the good trail features pun akan terlepas dinikmati.

  • adi Says:

    akmal, banyak yang nak test power. Race, high risk. Banyak accident. Jamboree atau fun ride, buat banyak kawan.

  • Nahar Says:

    Senang je nak tau race atau jamboree. Kalau medal yang berharga disediakan sedikit maka jadi race. Tapi kalau belum kayuh dah bagi medal macam di Lipis tahun lepas maka ianya akan jadi jamboree. Santai dan dapat berkenalan dengan ramai kawan. Di Bernam Jaya medal bernombor ada 100, maka rider kayuh bagai nak mati untuk dapatkannya. Ianya adalah maruah diri kot….huhuhu saya sekali race sekali jamboree. Bernam Jaya saya laju jamboree di Bukit Jelutong (LeTua 100km) saya bawa pelan. Selamat…..

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