• 11Oct

    Dear Pudin. I had explained a few times to you on how a little adjustment to the jpeg quality can save a lot of bytes and the image will load a lot faster, but you seemed to be confused. So this post tries to explain what I meant.

    All software such as Irfanview and faststone have option to adjust the quality when saving in jpeg format. Play with quality setting and you will save a lot of bytes. For me, most of images I post here are 70% in quality and a few were down to 60%.

    This is where to adjust in Faststone. (Images are from last Raya in Palong 1 N9)

    This image size is just 81kb due to saving it in 70% jpeg quality

    This image below is 303kb, nearly 4 times bigger due to 100% quality. Can you spot any different with the above picture?

    Posted by adi @ 6:54 am

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