• 28Jan

    This is the lens I send to Canon Service Centre for cleaning. A lot of dust and fungus at rear mirror . The lens is old and I’m not its original owner. Bought second hand 2 years ago. I called canon and they quoted me RM70-RM100 for that service.

    I checked with my friend (full- time photographer) and he said It is cheap. I courier to them and after 4 days I got it back, dustless and fungusless. The mirror like new. And it is free.

    Any other service centre can beat that?

    This out-of this-world standard of service is unthinkable. I hate Canon for making me not even glance at Nikon my friends are using.

    This standard of service me me wonder. I talked to my regular Camera Shop and it astonished them too. They were charged for everything.

    Maybe it was the CNY spirit.

    The pictures below – before the service. You can see the dust and fungus.

    Posted by adi @ 11:02 am

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  • Jing-leBelle Says:

    Haha! i thought why la u hate canon..
    Rupa rupanya, because their service darn good? LOL!
    Canon rox!

  • jiunshan Says:

    I also wonder why you hate Canon…Haha XD
    then I shall hate Canon as well, their services are ROCK!!

  • adi Says:

    I said I hate canon just to get your attention!

  • adam.a Says:

    seriously .. free of charge???? wow!

  • grungemann Says:

    Mind sharing the details of the service center?

  • adi Says:

    The Canon service centre at Peremba Square

  • yintf Says:

    bought my 40D on june 2008 that comes with a red canon bag…last month one of its buckle broke…bring back to my camera shop…”how come like this one!!! used only one year buckle broken?” shop cant help…not satisfied…went to canon service centre personally to complain…no question asked agreed to replace a new one but no ex-stock…2 days later their supplier personally hand delivered a new bag to my office…thats some kinda “service”..thumbs up to canon malaysia..

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