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12 pieces of passport size photo required by MRSM on registration day.  It will cost nearly RM20 at the shop. You can save if you know how. DIY only cost RM1.

Photo shoot located at the kitchen during my son having dinner and my wife washing dishes. Edit by photoshop.

Passport size – 3.5cm x 5.0cm

4 thoughts on “Home Studio

  1. RD says:

    Adi, aku pakai Nikon D60 beli kat Wan Blitz RM1400 complete set sekali ngan Ligthspeed. 2, 3 hari lepas aku beli pulak Tripod digieye pro-350 RM160, sekarang ni tgh dok belajar2, hehe.

  2. acong says:

    RD kene tanya byk tips dgn tandop la..
    bro adi guna DSLR brand lain hehehe.. different brand,different function,different style, different skills, different outcomes..

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