• 13Sep

    I never missed this event since its first in 2009. A very organised event. Nice jersey and medal.

    What I wish to highlight here is the food served. There were a few kiosks serving lunch but all girls and ladies serving the food were non-muslim. Surely the caterer and everybody that involved in preparing the food also non-muslim. I doubt that the food was halal and all of my Muslim friends on that day ate somewhere else.

    Organiser should be more sensitive. Mamak food is ok but the food served on that day definitely not for Muslims!

    Last year I asked them, they said it was halal food and prepared by hotel. This year I forgot to ask. Next year I’ll ask them to produce halal certificate, if not Muslims should stay away!

    Facts from my Garmin Edge 705: 84.78km, time taken: 4h 24m, calories burn: 3515

    As usual, 3 of us started our journey at 4.30am from Alor Setar, the had early breakfast at Nasi Beratur (5°25’0″N 100°20’15″E) at 5.45am and Fajr prayer at 6.05am at Masjid Kapitan Kling.

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