• 21Jan

    I don’t think so. Or maybe I just did not do it right.

    I started putting in Adsense on 14th October 2008. The number of ads displayed started from a few to a few thousands on good days. But only click on ads gives you money. How much per click? It depends. From 0 cent to 50 cents. Normally around 10 cents.

    My adsense ads not only displayed here but on, and kedahjamboree photo gallery. Even that, the money came in very slow.

    Only after a year and 2 months, I got my first payment.

    I think I should look for other ads company. Anyone has any idea?

    Foreign cheque will only be cleared in a month. If they can credit direct into my paypal account, I will be happier.

    Posted by adi @ 11:49 am

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  • fan Says:

    hye there, howto start this Adsense thing???
    haha..intresting, cuz before this my fren also have told me the same thing….but he is like selling photo….so it depends on how many its been downloading….
    hehe..mind to share how to do this business??

  • adi Says:

    Hi fan. You just have to register then apply for it. You can put the ads on all your sites

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