Garmin Edge 800


I am using Edge 705 since May 2009. The new Edge 800 is really tempting with touchscreen and other new features and was released end of last year.

Currently. the price of Edge 800 complete with heart rate and cadence still above USD500 on ebay.

The Edge 705 served me well but still if the price of Edge 800 dipped below USD500 and the exchange rate is favourable, I’ll get one. Because I’m a gadget man!

3 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 800

  1. akmal says:

    elok lah tu.
    aku doakan kau berjaya dapatkan edge 800 tu.
    dengan harapan tulus ikhlas kau akan tolak kat aku edge 705 tu macam adik beradik.

    cool gile, carbon motive faceplate tu. mmg carbon kah?

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