• 10Sep

    I had a lot of negative thoughts before this event. I was not feeling well the night before. Driving 500km  from Alor Setar for this event was not fun at all. I did not like U-turns.

    That 1st September morning, we arrived late. I had nothing for breakfast. We were looking for parking when everybody started running. We started when all runners in front of us already disappeared into darkness.  Luckily a few late comers appeared from behind. We met more runners when we stopped at Masjid for prayers after 5km into the run.

    The U-Turns:  It seems that the U-turns were the reason that I can see who else in the run. If not I will only know a few runners with similar pace with me.

    Garmin Forerunner 405: The battery supposed to last 8 hours. Maybe I charged it 24 hours earlier and it was more than  a year old already, it only last 36km i.e 6 hours in the run. To solve this, I have to run faster next time. I googled and found out there is  no solution to extend the battery life of Garmin 405.

    Overall: The event was organised nicely. I look forward to join again next year and Ocean Marathon too.


    I met Jason Thai in the dark. I got to know his name from facebook.


    Enough water stations and energy stuff for the events. Fuel belt is not required.


    It was a fun run. There were a lot of smiling, cheering and joking.


    The scenery was breathtaking. You run fast, you lose actually.


    What the future holds for this kid? We came across a few Kampung Orang Asli during the run.


    I managed to finish it just before 1pm. It seems that I was running, walking, resting on the road for nearly 8 hours!


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