• 12Mar

    It is just me or I just laid my hand on bad piece of Canon S100. It is really frustrating for a guy who quit wedding photography and sold off all DSLR gears and hoping for this small S100 will mend his broken heart!

    Day 1 shooting was ok. Day 2 the red line on screen keep showing up. Then follow with lens error. Then I could not switch on the camera at all.

    I sent back to the shop. I want a new camera not a repaired one. They sent to Canon for checking first. I hope to get a replacement soon.

    Posted by adi @ 8:47 pm

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  • ezwanismail Says:

    Hi Adi. Typically a continuous coloured line going from top to bottom of the image means a broken connector somewhere, probably coming out of the sensor. Worth sending to the dealer while still in warranty as this may be a costly repair. Good luck with the new camera. Coincidentally, my wife has the same camera after planning to sell of her dslr, but she later decided not to sell her dslr. Now taking up the space in my dry box hehe.

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