• 27Dec

    Even a long weekend due to Christmas holiday, I still could not find time to be with friends. School holidays when everyone was home has a lot of things to do.

    Saturday was about cleaning, painting and repairing the house that I rented out. The whole family was involved.

    Sunday was about family exercise. Three of us cycled from Alor Setar to Tasik Darul Aman. My wife drove to the lake with my other son to jog. Then, 2 bikes were packed into the car and then all of them went for a swim at Darul Aman Golf.

    I continued cycling about 17km to Perik to meet a group of cyclists mostly from Jitra. I know some of them and another some I love to know but not enough time. I cycled back home and the total distance for the day was 67km.

    Monday, I played golf with my wife. It was just walking 9 holes of golf. None of my golfers friends willing to do that. They rather play with friends.

    Maybe I am just being too much family man!

    Picture below from PUDIN TTG

    Posted by adi @ 11:20 pm

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