Cheap Running Shoes


Since I started running, I was looking for good running shoes. I was told that Asics Kayano 17 is the best for me. SRP is RM599 and the most discount I was offered was 20%. For Kayano 16, last year model, I was offered 50% discount. Because of the price, it has to wait.

My first running shoes I used since I started running early this year is this Hi-Tec shoes which I bought at bundle shop for RM70. I used it to ride bicycle and my trip to Sabah last year and used it to run KL Half Marathon in June this year.

This adidas I bought in July at Khlong Ngae bundle market for RM38. Khlong Ngae is about 20km from Malaysian border. This shoes I currently use for running and will be used in Penang Bridge International Half Marathon. I’ll save to buy Asics if I were to run full marathon.


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  1. Kak Bamm says:


    Kasut kena elok supaya shin, sendi dapat tahan lama, jd utk latihan @ lumba tlglah dapatkan kasut baru. Semoga sejahtera slalu.

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