• 04Jan

    Malaysians tourists have to pay RM168 for India Visa. It is valid for 6 months and for 2 entries. The size of photo required is odd. 2″ x 2″ with white background.

    The details is here:

    The office in Penang. Just a walking distance from the ferry terminal.

  • 09Nov

    When I planned a trip, normally if possible, it will cover at least 2 places. A few trips I made before are Penang-KK-Kuching-Penang, Penang-Jakarta-Bandung-Penang and Delhi-Umrah.

    Now this trip came to mind for end of next year and I would like to share here.

    • Day 1: Alor Setar – Hatyai  | By car
    • Day 1: Hatyai – Bangkok (8.30 – 9.55 – AirAsia) 2 nights Bangkok
    • Day 3: Bangkok – Chiang Rai (9.30 – 10.50 AirAsia) 2 nights
    • Day 5: Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai | Bus
    • Day 7: Chiang Mai – Hatyai (10.40 – 12.45 AirAsia)
    • Day 7: Hatyai – Alor Setar | Car

    7 Days 6 Nights Trip. The budget for travel cost is RM300 only and I will cover the most of Thailand. No what I have to do is wait for AirAsia sale.

    Chiang Rai

  • 13Jul

    6 Days 5 Nights – 4 rides on hilly terrain – 260km on MTB
    Proposed date: 4 – 9 Jun 2013 (6 Jun Israk Mikraj holiday)

    Day 1 – Penang – Bandung (Airasia)
    Day 2 – Bandung (700m) – Takuban Perahu (2000m) – Situ Ciburuy, Cipatat 55km
    Day 3 – Situ Ciburuy (600m) – Ciwidey (1100m) (Kawah Putih and Tea Plantation) 50km
    Day 4 – Ciwidey (1100m) – Garut (800m) 86km
    Day 5 – Garut (800m) – Bandung 70km
    Day 6 – Bandung – Penang (evening flight)

    Tangkuban Perahu

    Situ Ciburuy

    Kawah Putih

    Ladang Teh Ciwidey


  • 09Jul

    This is the only beach in Langkawi I went for a swim for the last 20 years. When I was a kid, I like Tanjung Rhu which is now developed and became private beach.

    It is just about 150 meter long but the best beach for me in Langkawi. It has all the facilities such as toilet, huts, BBQ place, prayer hut and a few cheap chalets.

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  • 06Jun

    This was my first fishing trip ever on a lake. We spent 3 days 2 nights in a house boat at Tasik Temengor. I felt the time was so long maybe for a person who is not-so-into-fishing like me. But I like the view and the Belum Forest even I was not successful with fish.

    The boat was from Arus Belum. Check out the site for more details. It has 14 beds, 2 toilets, kitchen and karaoke set.

    The first day, we traveled 20km to the first fishing port and stayed there for a night. Second night we spent near Raok Waterfall. The whole distance traveled by boat was 50km.

    A good experience but no more for me.

    Boarded a boat for a trip to waterfall.

    I had no idea what I was doing!

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