• 17Jul

    I could not find the right words to express the move I was about to make. I hated this type of cycling which is just about speed and distance. I’m an exploring kind of guy. Maybe I like to do something new every now and then.

    I hope that I can finish building this and be ready for Powerman and maybe I can complete Malakof Interstate which I failed early of this year.

  • 13Jul

    6 Days 5 Nights – 4 rides on hilly terrain – 260km on MTB
    Proposed date: 4 – 9 Jun 2013 (6 Jun Israk Mikraj holiday)

    Day 1 – Penang – Bandung (Airasia)
    Day 2 – Bandung (700m) – Takuban Perahu (2000m) – Situ Ciburuy, Cipatat 55km
    Day 3 – Situ Ciburuy (600m) – Ciwidey (1100m) (Kawah Putih and Tea Plantation) 50km
    Day 4 – Ciwidey (1100m) – Garut (800m) 86km
    Day 5 – Garut (800m) – Bandung 70km
    Day 6 – Bandung – Penang (evening flight)

    Tangkuban Perahu

    Situ Ciburuy

    Kawah Putih

    Ladang Teh Ciwidey


  • 14Mar

    I think you and your family should try this.

    Drive your car up to Muzium Perhutanan Jerai. Park your car there. Then walk up to Jerai Resort which is about 2km away. It is very refreshing and a very good exercise for the whole family.

    Enjoying the scenery from the resort area.

    A newly built swimming pool at the resort. Cannot imagine how to take a dip in a cold temperature.

  • 27Dec

    Even a long weekend due to Christmas holiday, I still could not find time to be with friends. School holidays when everyone was home has a lot of things to do.

    Saturday was about cleaning, painting and repairing the house that I rented out. The whole family was involved.

    Sunday was about family exercise. Three of us cycled from Alor Setar to Tasik Darul Aman. My wife drove to the lake with my other son to jog. Then, 2 bikes were packed into the car and then all of them went for a swim at Darul Aman Golf.

    I continued cycling about 17km to Perik to meet a group of cyclists mostly from Jitra. I know some of them and another some I love to know but not enough time. I cycled back home and the total distance for the day was 67km.

    Monday, I played golf with my wife. It was just walking 9 holes of golf. None of my golfers friends willing to do that. They rather play with friends.

    Maybe I am just being too much family man!

    Picture below from PUDIN TTG

  • 21Nov

    We arrived at 12 midnight and parked our car at the open car park just beside the starting line.  The facilities provided were good with toilet and shower and prayer tent.

    The half marathon started at 2.55am and I reached the finish line at 5.30am. The full started at 1.55am. The weather was perfect with sea breeze flowing while running on the bridge.

    The atmosphere was alive with 27,000 runners from all categories. Too many people and a very long queue even for free Milo drink. Not many booths available on sites. At 10am, it was too hot to wait for lucky draw.

    From my Garmin Forerunner 405, the distance for half marathon is 21.27km and I took 2hr 34m to complete. A few minutes improvement from KL Marathon. Total calories was 1932 but I felt like millions was burned.

    Not much photos. Too dark to shoot.

    I hope to run full next year, insyaAllah.

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