• 07Jan

    In the last 48 hours,

    • I cycled 125km
    • I played a round of golf
    • I played 2 hours of badminton
    • I jogged 5 km

    but I did not lose any weight! My BMI is still at 27.

    Maybe I’m building up muscle!

  • 19Nov

    It was the last Penang Bridge Marathon on that bridge. Next year it will be on new bridge. They can make the whole event just on the bridge due to its 24km long.

    Running on the bridge is really a torture. It requires physical and mental strength. It is my first full marathon and it covered the whole length of the bridge.

    The last 10km was really a torture. I walked more than half of 42km. I never felt so much pain like in any other sports. Everything was hurt. My knee, feet and all joins were killing me. What kept me going was the 7 hours cut off time.

    My usual partner. Not many of my friends are into running.

    I was looking for balloon with 7 hours marker.

    The picture from internet

    All just for this.

  • 08Nov

    This was my first event of the kind. This event is the reason I bought myself a road bike.1850 participants from 30 countries joined Powerman this year and we were blessed with cloudy weather. Thank you Allah.

    The event was well organised. Food, drink and refreshment were sufficient. Goodies and medal are excellent. Event area, marshal, route were the best. All are for just RM80.

    In running, everyone looked the same but with different attire. In cycling, most were riding road bikes, a few were using mountain bikes and surprisingly I came across a folding bike and a full suspension bike!

    I finished (5.7km run 32km cycle 5.7km run) at 284 out of 411 in Man Sprint Category with the time of 2:44:22. I look forward to join again next year maybe in full category.

    The Result

    The Alor Setar, Jitra and Changlon.

    Transition Area: Where we parked our bikes

    One of the photo I found in FB

    The 32km cycling route

  • 06Aug

    After a long thought a bought a road bike. Actually I got Man Panjang to build it after collecting it part by part in BBS.

    I rode it with using mountain bike saddle, pedal, helmet and also loose pant, jogging shoes and pouch bag!

    My first impression, it is nothing to enjoy but just the speed. Mountain bike is more relaxing, sightseeing, chatting and saying hi to people on the street. Maybe I will discover more oomph of road bike riding later.

    The feeling was ok considering nearly a month without cycling. The bike size is ok but I’m still trying to find the right saddle height for me.

    Anyway I wish to thank all my friends that help me. They are Zafizal Ismail, Haslizan Hassan Omar, Nik Mar, Reza Bahari, Man Panjang, Shahrizal Tandop, Saifuddin Yaakub, Mohd Shahar Md Zain, Saiful Azman, Khairil Azuan and others.

    My bike drew attention. You can see that my bike has bell.

  • 19Jul

    I run marathon. I cycled many type of terrain.  I climbed the highest mountain in SEA. So 20 rokaat solat Tarawih should be nothing to me. If not, shame on me! (re-post last year posting)

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