Images for Blog/Website (Guide for Pudin)


Dear Pudin. I had explained a few times to you on how a little adjustment to the jpeg quality can save a lot of bytes and the image will load a lot faster, but you seemed to be confused. So this post tries to explain what I meant.

All software such as Irfanview and faststone have option to adjust the quality when saving in jpeg format. Play with quality setting and you will save a lot of bytes. For me, most of images I post here are 70% in quality and a few were down to 60%.

This is where to adjust in Faststone. (Images are from last Raya in Palong 1 N9)

This image size is just 81kb due to saving it in 70% jpeg quality

This image below is 303kb, nearly 4 times bigger due to 100% quality. Can you spot any different with the above picture?

Pictures with GPS tagging


When I purchased Nokia N8, the GPS info that tagged with images fascinated me. Now, a lot more things I can share in my blog. Things that came to my mind was the food that I enjoyed I will published here with GPS coordinate. What you have to is just key-in the coordinate in your GPS devise.

Then Canon S100 that I recently purchased also comes with GPS info. Now more and more info will be available to whoever follow this blog.

Then, the next question is which image browser can read all those coordinate? My main image browser is Fast Stone Image Viewer. But it cannot read the GPS data. After browsing, I came across GeoSetter. It works perfectly for me.

Faulty Canon Powershot S100


It is just me or I just laid my hand on bad piece of Canon S100. It is really frustrating for a guy who quit wedding photography and sold off all DSLR gears and hoping for this small S100 will mend his broken heart!

Day 1 shooting was ok. Day 2 the red line on screen keep showing up. Then follow with lens error. Then I could not switch on the camera at all.

I sent back to the shop. I want a new camera not a repaired one. They sent to Canon for checking first. I hope to get a replacement soon.

Best deal in Photobook


I manage to complete the photobook design just before the voucher I purchased expired by end of this month.

This is the best deal so far. 75% off for XL Landscape, 17.5″ x 12″, 80 pages which the original price is RM800. I just paid RM200 for it.

My advise is, look out for their offer in facebook. Do not buy anything less than 50%. My last advise was 40%. Other article on photobook.

More than 10 pages on my Great Adventure 2010

Others are about family, cycling and office event.

So many things can be printed in 80 pages of A3.

Nokia N8 for photography


The features that attract me the most in selecting a mobile phone is the camera. My previous Nokia N95 took a good pictures and so did my Samsung i8910. I think Nokia N8 will produce much better pictures with 12 MP, Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon Flash.

I love photography and some moments need to be captured instantly and as it happened. DSLR for me is to make money.

The picture of me, my wife and youngest son while jogging.

One of beautiful morning at my house.