Free Credit Card


When it is due for renewal, call them for cancellation. Call them about a month before the renewal fees are due. They will persuade you to keep the card and waive everything including the government tax.

They even upgrade my card to platinum!

Life without Astro


I had cancelled my Astro subscription. My family and I will try to live without Astro starting from next month. I had fixed a normal TV aerial for free TV channels.

The subscription price went up from RM40+ to nearly RM90 for basic with sports. I rather spend more on high speed internet since I am online more than I watch TV.  As the result, I upgraded my internet to 4Mps and cancelled my Astro.

Now, anything that I want to watch I just ‘downloaded’ from internet, save in my thumbdrive and plug in on TV usb.

If my life is unbearable without Astro especially Sport Channels, I’ll find cheaper alternative.

Temengor Lake Fishing Trip


This was my first fishing trip ever on a lake. We spent 3 days 2 nights in a house boat at Tasik Temengor. I felt the time was so long maybe for a person who is not-so-into-fishing like me. But I like the view and the Belum Forest even I was not successful with fish.

The boat was from Arus Belum. Check out the site for more details. It has 14 beds, 2 toilets, kitchen and karaoke set.

The first day, we traveled 20km to the first fishing port and stayed there for a night. Second night we spent near Raok Waterfall. The whole distance traveled by boat was 50km.

A good experience but no more for me.

Boarded a boat for a trip to waterfall.

I had no idea what I was doing!

Canada Post to Malaysia


This is my first experience of buying from Canadian seller in ebay. Option to send by air is very expensive so I opted for the cheapest one from Canada Post.

I read somewhere that it will take 2 months to arrive so what the heck, I gave it a try.

It took 16 days for the parcel to leave Canada. Then 27 days to reach Port Klang, Malaysia. For Air Parcel, custom only took a couple of days to clear. But for surface parcel, it took more than a month! Maybe tons of stuffs in the port storage cause that delay.

After 83 days, today it finally arrived. Nearly 3 months!

It will appear in Pos Laju tracking after it arrived in Malaysia.

Finally, a new iron set that I’ll enjoy this weekend.