• 16Apr

    Late 2012, I started looking into restructuring my life financially by getting rid of unwanted things and reorganised for saving.

    I refinanced my houses. !0 years ago Islamic loan was expensive. Now the rates are competitive. Even with the lawyer fees and stamp duty and also new housing insurance, I still save a lot and extra cash.

    I sold my 17 years old car and bought a scooter for my wife to retain my car registration number. Old car started giving problem and put aside all sentimental element, you have to go.

    I cancelled my Astro. I opt for cheaper alternative.

    I tried to cancel my credit card but unsuccessful after they waived all renewal fees.

    All because, I aim to be financially free when I reached 50.



  • 13Jan

    I never printed anything on my shirt before. It came to my mind when I noticed that in running events, quite a number of runners run for a cause. So now I’m having one of my own.

    The technology in printing is still the same with the time I was in school.

  • 04Jan

    Malaysians tourists have to pay RM168 for India Visa. It is valid for 6 months and for 2 entries. The size of photo required is odd. 2″ x 2″ with white background.

    The details is here:

    The office in Penang. Just a walking distance from the ferry terminal.

  • 22Nov

    I am addicted to television sitcoms (situational comedies). My all time favourite is Friends. I used to like English and Hindi movies and drama. But now everything seems too long for me. Time is too precious to waste.

    Now I opt for Sitcoms. Without advertisement they are just 20 minutes long. I sometimes have 20 minutes to waste.

    I downloaded all of them from internet to watch. Saved in thumbdrive, plugged in TV and watched whenever convenient to me.

    Now I love The Big Bang Theory which currently in season 6 in the US. It is a story about nerds. The other one is How I met Your Mother which currently in season 8 in the US.


  • 02Nov

    I was searching the whole Alor Setar for a decent hair clipper but what I found were cheap china-made clippers or imitation Wahl products. In Tesco they are selling Phillips clipper which costs nearly RM200.

    Imitation Wahl  and no-brand product from China won’t last long and the cutting is not smooth and it stuck while cutting thick hair.

    When I look in, most of them are selling china brands and claimed-original Wahl products which I do not trust.

    At last I browsed, I found a lot of sellers form US and UK were selling well known brands and I bought the top of the line Remington clipper from UK. It just cost less than RM150 including shipping.

    To my surprise, the shipping just cost £0.99 and it only took 7 days from UK to Malaysia. How UK Royal Mail did that? For comparison, shipping from US to Malaysia using USPS takes around 10 days and costs 10 times more.

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