• 10Oct

    Last weekend I was in a race, a real race. Unprepared and lack of training, I was left behind from the very beginning. No fun at all. 40+km per hour in heavy rain! Most of them brought power bar or gel, I just had plain water for 100km ride! So after 5 km, I made a detour back to Pekan Kuala Perlis for breakfast.

    When I was back to the starting line, the fun ride category was not yet started due to rain and waiting for VIPs. So I joined them.

    The make the story short, while enjoying slow ride with friends in Fun Ride, a cameraman on motorbike dropped his tripod right in front of me. I ran over it and fell! My front tire went flat and I had to join a few fixies riders on lorry for the rest of the ride.

    Now I’m still recovering form bruises and sore ribs. Now I hate road bike!

    The starting of 100km race.

    The starting of the fun ride

    The rest of the ride was on lorry after the fall.

  • 26Sep

    I has been a long time since I went to look for new track. I always excited to ride to uncharted territory. It was a half day ride and I was carrying 2 liter of water even the total distance was only 21km.

    A long climb and a long downhill with many type of terrain. My hardtail did not enjoy all the downhill part.

    GPS file if you want a closer look

    The image from google earth. I tilted a bit to show the contour. It looks better in larger version

    The highest point is 376m. It is the highest in the surrounding area.

    Meeting can be held anywhere.

    Only a few dare to conquer the unknown

    Not my bike. I wish I had one to enjoy the downhill part.

    Signature shot at the top

    Some images are from Pudin

  • 02Sep

    Last Saturday, 1/9/2012, was my 3rd ride using road bike. The first was on 6/8/2012 (32km) and on 29/8/2012 (52km) was my 2nd ride. I cycled from Alor Setar or Bertam for attending aqiqah at my brother’s house. My wife and and my children drove there so we drove back to Alor Setar later that day.

    It was 90km ride and it took more than 3 hours. I still comfortably used my mountain bike saddle and pedal.

    Nothing to share here except I feel that I am able to travel further with road bike with higher cruising speed. Some poor part of road condition really effected the smooth of ride. On the other hand, the absent of ability of exploring alley and small road is one of the setback of the road bike.

    I passed by SP Marathon in Sungai Petani and Kayuhan Bendang at Bertam.

    Note: This post is sort of my diary, so I would not forget when I jumped into this new type of cycling.

    I took the opportunity to capture an image in front of my Secondary School.

    I think the average speed is about 26km. The number shown is a bit lower due to stops.

  • 11Aug

    It just cost RM10 each to get Tukang Besi to make the hanger. My bikes will be more organised.

    Just a simple design. Should wrap the part that in contact with bicycle with something soft like used tube.

    Tukang Besi in action.


  • 06Aug

    After a long thought a bought a road bike. Actually I got Man Panjang to build it after collecting it part by part in BBS.

    I rode it with using mountain bike saddle, pedal, helmet and also loose pant, jogging shoes and pouch bag!

    My first impression, it is nothing to enjoy but just the speed. Mountain bike is more relaxing, sightseeing, chatting and saying hi to people on the street. Maybe I will discover more oomph of road bike riding later.

    The feeling was ok considering nearly a month without cycling. The bike size is ok but I’m still trying to find the right saddle height for me.

    Anyway I wish to thank all my friends that help me. They are Zafizal Ismail, Haslizan Hassan Omar, Nik Mar, Reza Bahari, Man Panjang, Shahrizal Tandop, Saifuddin Yaakub, Mohd Shahar Md Zain, Saiful Azman, Khairil Azuan and others.

    My bike drew attention. You can see that my bike has bell.

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