Penang International Triathlon & Duathlon 2013


This one was hard. About 1,000 participants and I was among the last 30. It took me 4 1/2 hours to complete and I crossed the finish line at 12pm.


5.5km run, 40km cycling and 10km is a very much harder than Powerman last year. The elevation was the killer.


Looking at the medal, I need to participate in 2014 and 2015 to complete the collection.


3 of us from Alor Setar. It is really hard to get other cycling buddies to take up running.2013-03-31-731

Swimming is not for me in this lifetime. So, no triathlon.


KMC – Satun: Ride For A Cause


I look forward for this kind of event. I need not worry about placing like most of jamborees these days. I don’t care about the distance. I don’t have to push myself up to the limit.

Now I just ride for a cause, or for friends. Cycling is fun again.

The picture of 90+ riders before crossing the border.

The mosque that we painted

The meeting of the Great Adventure Bandung took place that night after dinner.

As usual, food is the main attraction in Thailand.

You can have Pulut Ayam in the morning, afternoon and night.

The resort we stayed was just THB350 per night

Looking forward to join again next year.

Padang Besar Ride


Last Saturday I forced myself to joined this ride since a lot of my old friends were there. For the last 2 months all were about family activities.

I thought this 125km ride was nothing. In May 2010 I rode alone using mountain bike to Padang Besar without much problem. I was wrong. We started around 8am and I was the last one to finish at 3.30pm.

The last 20km under merciless sun from Kodiang to Jitra was unbearable. A lot of things came to my mind. If off-road mountain bike riding with friends; we can chat, we can take photos, we can push, we can ride, we can enjoy scenery, we need not worry about traffic or pit holes and lots of other things.

Apart from all the setbacks, I still need road bike training for Duathlon in March.

The starting point – TM Bikes at Tanah Merah Jitra

After 61km we reached Padang Besar and we refilled and rode back.

Enduro DH Gunung Jerai


Many turned up with a lot of guts to take the challenge of the longest downhill track in the north. They started at Jerai Resort at 950m from sea level, down to Titi Besi at 750m, then reached at the top of Tangga Kenari at 300m. Tangga Kenari ended at 130m.

The organiser put a huge effort to make it a great event.

I’m too old for this.

2 lorries to transport the bicycles and 3 vans to carry the riders

Titi Besi: The trickiest part.

My family hiked down the same route

The Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon Championships 2012


This was my first event of the kind. This event is the reason I bought myself a road bike.1850 participants from 30 countries joined Powerman this year and we were blessed with cloudy weather. Thank you Allah.

The event was well organised. Food, drink and refreshment were sufficient. Goodies and medal are excellent. Event area, marshal, route were the best. All are for just RM80.

In running, everyone looked the same but with different attire. In cycling, most were riding road bikes, a few were using mountain bikes and surprisingly I came across a folding bike and a full suspension bike!

I finished (5.7km run 32km cycle 5.7km run) at 284 out of 411 in Man Sprint Category with the time of 2:44:22. I look forward to join again next year maybe in full category.

The Result

The Alor Setar, Jitra and Changlon.

Transition Area: Where we parked our bikes

One of the photo I found in FB

The 32km cycling route