Penang Duathlon 2014


Again on 23 Match 2014, I took part in this event. The arrangement was batter. The duathlon went off first at 7am and trithlon at 7.30am.

The weather was nice even the last leg of the run in the late morning sun.

Surprisingly I managed to clock a better time. Nearly a half hour better than last year. Official time is 04:05:36.



Run with a cause.


Most of the pictures are from facebook.



US Shoes Size – confusing!


Buying shoes from internet is not easy. You have to get the size right. To get a wrong size shoes from online shop 6000 miles away has no remedy.

I went to local shop to try on Asics. Size US12 is the size for me same as Brooks I currently used.

I ordered the one below. When it arrived, it was too tight. I was frustrated.  2 weeks later I was in KL and I visited Asics Boutique and I tried Nimbus and Cumulus size US12 and theyt fit perfectly.

When I got home I looked closely at my cumulus and it is size US12 for women!

Women US12 = 44.5 EURO = 28.5cm. Men shoes should be US12 = 46.5 EURO = 29.5cm.

Then I filed a complain. A week later, I got full refund and I got to keep the shoes.






Raya Ride


It is my first time bringing my road bike to my in-law in Palong 1 Negeri Sembilan. I started riding at 7am when everybody was still asleep in Felda. I rode from Palong 1, Kampung Londah, Gemas and Batu Anam and back gave 65km in total.

You have to be less adventures with road bike but you can cover the same distance in 2/3 of the time compare with mountainbike.

InsyaAllah, tomorrow and a day after tomorrow will ride again.



Great Adventure Bandung 2013


I should post this long ago. The trip, the rides, places we visit, people we met and too many things and too many stories to tell, jammed up my mind.

This is just the summary of our rides. This event took place from 19 – 24 June 2013. 4 days of cycling of more than 300km. It involved a lot of planning and the whole event was made possible due to the help from Bandung cycling friends (Cimahi Cycling Club and  KGC Garut)

Details report are here

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