Enduro DH Gunung Jerai


Many turned up with a lot of guts to take the challenge of the longest downhill track in the north. They started at Jerai Resort at 950m from sea level, down to Titi Besi at 750m, then reached at the top of Tangga Kenari at 300m. Tangga Kenari ended at 130m.

The organiser put a huge effort to make it a great event.

I’m too old for this.

2 lorries to transport the bicycles and 3 vans to carry the riders

Titi Besi: The trickiest part.

My family hiked down the same route

Exploring Thailand: Hatyai – Bangkok – Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai


When I planned a trip, normally if possible, it will cover at least 2 places. A few trips I made before are Penang-KK-Kuching-Penang, Penang-Jakarta-Bandung-Penang and Delhi-Umrah.

Now this trip came to mind for end of next year and I would like to share here.

  • Day 1: Alor Setar – Hatyai  | By car
  • Day 1: Hatyai – Bangkok (8.30 – 9.55 – AirAsia) 2 nights Bangkok
  • Day 3: Bangkok – Chiang Rai (9.30 – 10.50 AirAsia) 2 nights
  • Day 5: Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai | Bus
  • Day 7: Chiang Mai – Hatyai (10.40 – 12.45 AirAsia)
  • Day 7: Hatyai – Alor Setar | Car

7 Days 6 Nights Trip. The budget for travel cost is RM300 only and I will cover the most of Thailand. No what I have to do is wait for AirAsia sale.

Chiang Rai

Life without Astro


I had cancelled my Astro subscription. My family and I will try to live without Astro starting from next month. I had fixed a normal TV aerial for free TV channels.

The subscription price went up from RM40+ to nearly RM90 for basic with sports. I rather spend more on high speed internet since I am online more than I watch TV.  As the result, I upgraded my internet to 4Mps and cancelled my Astro.

Now, anything that I want to watch I just ‘downloaded’ from internet, save in my thumbdrive and plug in on TV usb.

If my life is unbearable without Astro especially Sport Channels, I’ll find cheaper alternative.

MPSPK: Why fun ride?


Why fun ride? I don’t think Jamboree, which now mostly turn to JamboRace, is for me. It used to be fun. Meeting people, making friends was the objective. Enjoying the scenery and different terrain what we look forward to.

  • In fun ride, I don’t have to worry about the placing I got.
  • In fun ride, I can get my family to join
  • In fun ride, I’ll get t-shirt. I’m not excited about wearing body-fit-jersey
  • In fun ride, I’ll pay less to join.

I used to know a lot of riders when joining an event, but now I only knew a handful.

MPSPK organised a very good event. It was held at Tanjung Dawai and was joined by more than 300 riders. A good t-shirt and refreshment for just RM15. Total distance is 34km.