• 08Aug


  • 09Jun

    About 2/3 of Accounting & Finance class of 1990 from Liverpool Polytechnic turned up in this first major reunion after 23 years at the Curve last weekend.

    My school life ended in Liverpool with a degree and without attending the graduation ceremony. Some of us studied all the way and some are still studying.


    There was the time when we are very much the same. There was the time when nothing much matters. At least for me and Lee Shing Yaw.


  • 16Apr

    Late 2012, I started looking into restructuring my life financially by getting rid of unwanted things and reorganised for saving.

    I refinanced my houses. !0 years ago Islamic loan was expensive. Now the rates are competitive. Even with the lawyer fees and stamp duty and also new housing insurance, I still save a lot and extra cash.

    I sold my 17 years old car and bought a scooter for my wife to retain my car registration number. Old car started giving problem and put aside all sentimental element, you have to go.

    I cancelled my Astro. I opt for cheaper alternative.

    I tried to cancel my credit card but unsuccessful after they waived all renewal fees.

    All because, I aim to be financially free when I reached 50.



  • 08Jan

    End of last year family vacation turned into visiting-long-distance-relatives event. We met relatives from my mother’s side at Phuket, Ko Yao Yai, Ko Yao Noi and Nakhon Si Tammarat. All were made possible due to my father effort of finding them during his History Society of Kedah searching for descendants of Mahsuri a few years ago.

    Communication was a biggest problem but the Thai blood that run through our veins spoke for us. Meeting relatives from my mother’s side made me thinking more about my mother.

    We’ll be back.

    Arrived at Ko Yao Yai after 45 minutes boat ride.

    10 minutes boat ride from Ko Yao Yai to Ko Yao Noi terrified a non-swimmer like me.

    Religious pondok started by my great grandfather in Ko Yao Noi island.

    We prefer Kamala Beach compare to Patong Beach. We managed to get a nice chalet run by Muslim for THB1000 which is just 10 meters from the beach. I heard the owner quoted THB2000 when asked by western tourist.

    Last night at Nakhon Si Tammarat. We had a nice dinner at Tha Sala beach.


  • 22Nov

    I am addicted to television sitcoms (situational comedies). My all time favourite is Friends. I used to like English and Hindi movies and drama. But now everything seems too long for me. Time is too precious to waste.

    Now I opt for Sitcoms. Without advertisement they are just 20 minutes long. I sometimes have 20 minutes to waste.

    I downloaded all of them from internet to watch. Saved in thumbdrive, plugged in TV and watched whenever convenient to me.

    Now I love The Big Bang Theory which currently in season 6 in the US. It is a story about nerds. The other one is How I met Your Mother which currently in season 8 in the US.


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