• 16Apr

    I did a lot of internet business. Shipping that give reliable and cheap service is the priority.

    Pos Laju and Skynet are my favourite if I want it to be delivered the next day.

    If you don’t mind waiting, Parcel is the cheapest. You can track your parcel on the net same as pos laju or skynet. For 6kg, it cost just RM7.50 compare with pos laju which is RM30. But I got the parcel 2 days later than pos laju.

  • 13Jan

    I bought Magura Louise Bat Brake Set at USD219 from ebay. The shipping cost USD30. The total after conversion came up to RM850. It arrived in less than 10 days.

    It came new with original box, not oem. Includes levers, lines, rotors, calipers, adapter, hardware and manual, everything you need to shorten the hose.

    Shortened the hose and installed by Zul, Razi’s son last week but not yet ride it until now!

    Buying from internet will save you a lot. Lots of choices available and I’m sort of addicted. Now I’m looking for Fox!

    Magura MTB brake

    Magura MTB brake

  • 10Jan

    I’m planning to sell of one of my trusted Canon 20D and maybe buying Canon 40D in the future. It  works perfectly even cosmetically showing sign of usage. It served me well for a few years.

    I’m also planning to buy Canon 24-105mm L after selling this Canon 28-135mm. It was cleaned by Canon last year.

    Canon 20d – body, battery, charger, strap, front cap, manual, TV cable, original box and some other things.  No warranty. Shutter count and age – unknown. Price – RM1150

    Canon 28-135mm IS – lens, filter, front and rear cap, hood, original box and manual. No warranty. Age – unknown. No dust. No fungus. No scratch. Price – Rm1050

    I’m offering 2 weeks money back if you wish to return it with 10% restocking fee. No question asked if you return it within 2 weeks. And free pos laju. COD Alor Setar only.

    Contact:, 0194418308 (Adi)

    How to pay –

    Not an urgent or must sell sale.
    This ad will be posted in Photomalaysia, Shutterasia, FTZ and Lowyat.
    So be quick if you are interested.

    20D SOLD – TQ


  • 11Nov

    I was thinking to upgrade my sunglasses for a long time. I have been using Merida brand I bought from Soo Beng for nearly 2 years. At first,  I planned to buy Oakley Half Jacket. After talking to Nasir, he advised to go for Rudy Project.  Oakley more for fashion – he said.

    I went to the shop at Star Parade shop to have a look and to feel it. The shop on the left at the main entrance.

    Finally, I set to buy Rudy Project Rydon. Patiently searching in ebay for a few weeks and I managed to buy the set below for a few hundreds cheaper than here. Lucky me!

    Paid on 26 Oct and arrived on 10 Nov. USPS took more than 2 weeks to reach Malaysia!

    Rydon Shooting/Hunting


    Rudy Project Sunglasses

    Rudy Project Sunglasses

    Rudy Project Sunglasses

  • 05Nov

    Aku ada order 2 barang dari US on 26th Oct 2009. Satu berkaitan dengan gerek dan satu lagi berkaitan dengan golf.

    Masih tak sampai-sampai. Asyik dok check dengan site USPS dan Pos Malaysia.

    Barang di bawah ni dah nak sampai. La ni dok dalam lori nak bertolak dari Butterworth.

    Problemnya malam ni baru sampai kat Pos Alor Setar. Esok cuti pulak. Lusa cuti first saturday pulak. Tulat baru boleh ambil! Siksanya!

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