• 19Mar

    I was very careful but even after all the standard checkings, I was cheated.

    I bought a lot of  things from, and Ebay is the best with the refund policy and rating system. Lelong has rating system. Lastly, mudah has nothing for security.

    I communicated with seller using Whatapps when trying to buy Samsung Note 2 he advertised in He sent pictures of the item. When I asked for IC, he immediately sent the IC photo to me. The IC and the bank account matched.

    Then I googled his name, IC, account number and phone number, nothing came out. It seems no previous issues with this guy on the net.

    He even gave me the photo of Pos Laju slip. I paid RM850 and after 2 days, the item did not arrived.

    He blocked my communication using Whatapps. He did not pick up the phone when I called.

    I’ll make a police report this weekend.

    I’m typing this again with the hope that if he ever try to cheat again, his info will come out when googled and will alert anyone who are trying to deal with him.

    Muhammad Faizan Liaqat – MBB 112772069880 – Tel: 0138298690 – IC 770312-45-7638

    Muhammad Faizan Liaqat Cheater


  • 11Jun

    I was interested in so many things when I browsed Then I came to know that they have a big outlet in Malaysia ( I visit the outlet when I was on the way traveling from Negeri Sembilan back to Kedah.

    It was huge but remotely located at No. 8, Jalan SS13/5, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Put 3.068481,101.597006 in your GPS and drive to it.

    It is the biggest sport outlet I have ever seen but I think they just have less than 10% of what available online in

    So I shopped at instead. The prices were much cheaper and they have markdown prices most of the time. I submitted my order on 4 June 2013 and it was delivered by DHL on 10 June 2013. Surprisingly fast coming all the way from the UK!

    About the shipping, you have to play around by adding and subtracting from your cart. Then you will know the movement of the shipping cost. You will pay a lot less with multiple items.

    sportdirect5  sportdirect4

    It has huge markdown section

    sportdirect3 sportdirect1

    Ordered 10 items weighted more than 5kg and paid £26 for shipping.


  • 18Jan

    Friday morning pleasant surprise was to know that Airasia fight to Jeddah in now available. Now Umrah trip will become cheaper i.e at least 50% cheaper than the one offered by tour agents.

    The price is for flight. You have to add luggage and meal for the flight. It is not an option because it is a long 8 hours flight and surely you cannot travel light due to heavy umrah luggage.

    Important advise: Make sure the visa is available during that date and for first timer, get an umrah package from travel agents.

    Previous posts on umrah:

  • 13Jan

    I never printed anything on my shirt before. It came to my mind when I noticed that in running events, quite a number of runners run for a cause. So now I’m having one of my own.

    The technology in printing is still the same with the time I was in school.

  • 11Jan

    I was asked numerous times on how to buy from internet. Am I not scared of buying online? Where are the places to look for on the net? Did I ever got cheated on the net?

    I bought many things from internet such as _______ (too many, I’ll fill it when I got time).

    My favourite place to buy:

    • (It has rating system and sellers have options to be verified. It also have safetrade but for a small fee)
    • (It has rating system and payment by paypal is protected. If the good did not arrived, just file a complain with paypal and you will get your money back)
    • (It does not have verification system so some other checking measure should be used)
    • (Some sellers have successful trade listing to vouch for them. The seniority in the forum in term the number of posts does give confident in dealing with them)
    • and other place like FTZ,, etc

    If rating, verification and other sort of system that ensure the trustworthiness of a seller are not available, there are some signs to consider before dealing with an online seller:

    Good signs

    • Showing pictures of actual products
    • Cash on delivery is an option
    • Willing of giving additional information like phone number, addresses, etc
    • Accept trade in with other stuff

    Bad Signs

    • Dealing by postage only
    • Do not publish actual picture of the item
    • Price too low compare with market price
    • Bank account does not belong to the seller


    • Asked seller to contact you using FB massage then you will know who is the seller
    • Google his name and account numbers: If the seller cheated before something might come out

    Currently, I’m waiting for more than 10 small packages from China, Hong Kong and UK. All were bought from ebay. This one arrived today.

    Feel free to ask in the comment section if you have any questions.



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