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    I was asked numerous times on how to buy from internet. Am I not scared of buying online? Where are the places to look for on the net? Did I ever got cheated on the net?

    I bought many things from internet such as _______ (too many, I’ll fill it when I got time).

    My favourite place to buy:

    • (It has rating system and sellers have options to be verified. It also have safetrade but for a small fee)
    • (It has rating system and payment by paypal is protected. If the good did not arrived, just file a complain with paypal and you will get your money back)
    • (It does not have verification system so some other checking measure should be used)
    • (Some sellers have successful trade listing to vouch for them. The seniority in the forum in term the number of posts does give confident in dealing with them)
    • and other place like FTZ,, etc

    If rating, verification and other sort of system that ensure the trustworthiness of a seller are not available, there are some signs to consider before dealing with an online seller:

    Good signs

    • Showing pictures of actual products
    • Cash on delivery is an option
    • Willing of giving additional information like phone number, addresses, etc
    • Accept trade in with other stuff

    Bad Signs

    • Dealing by postage only
    • Do not publish actual picture of the item
    • Price too low compare with market price
    • Bank account does not belong to the seller


    • Asked seller to contact you using FB massage then you will know who is the seller
    • Google his name and account numbers: If the seller cheated before something might come out

    Currently, I’m waiting for more than 10 small packages from China, Hong Kong and UK. All were bought from ebay. This one arrived today.

    Feel free to ask in the comment section if you have any questions.



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