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I’m Adi Harriman bin Abdul Majid. I was born 22nd April 1967. I went to Mat Jiwa Kedah Science School. I’m into photography, computer, all type of games and mountain bike.

Actually this Mountain Bike activities that got me to develop this site. A lot of bikers have their own sites and I was on the net from 1998 don’t want to be left behind. I don’t want to use the blogspot or whatever free blog hosting since I’m domain reseller so better got my own domain so no ads on my sites except the one I put on.

Adi, 0194418308,

Ini gambar masa mengaji

Ini gambar tengah tahun 2008 masa kat Indon. Ini gambaq yang paling hansem yang ada

Gambar Famili kat Brastagi, Medan Sept 2006

Gambar Lama

Family di Palong Negeri Sembilan – gambar end of 2003

Famili di Kedah – gambar awal 2004

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