• 30Mar

    Again on 23 Match 2014, I took part in this event. The arrangement was batter. The duathlon went off first at 7am and trithlon at 7.30am.

    The weather was nice even the last leg of the run in the late morning sun.

    Surprisingly I managed to clock a better time. Nearly a half hour better than last year. Official time is 04:05:36.



    Run with a cause.


    Most of the pictures are from facebook.



  • 19Mar

    I was very careful but even after all the standard checkings, I was cheated.

    I bought a lot of  things from, and Ebay is the best with the refund policy and rating system. Lelong has rating system. Lastly, mudah has nothing for security.

    I communicated with seller using Whatapps when trying to buy Samsung Note 2 he advertised in He sent pictures of the item. When I asked for IC, he immediately sent the IC photo to me. The IC and the bank account matched.

    Then I googled his name, IC, account number and phone number, nothing came out. It seems no previous issues with this guy on the net.

    He even gave me the photo of Pos Laju slip. I paid RM850 and after 2 days, the item did not arrived.

    He blocked my communication using Whatapps. He did not pick up the phone when I called.

    I’ll make a police report this weekend.

    I’m typing this again with the hope that if he ever try to cheat again, his info will come out when googled and will alert anyone who are trying to deal with him.

    Muhammad Faizan Liaqat – MBB 112772069880 – Tel: 0138298690 – IC 770312-45-7638

    Muhammad Faizan Liaqat Cheater


  • 24Nov

    Buying shoes from internet is not easy. You have to get the size right. To get a wrong size shoes from online shop 6000 miles away has no remedy.

    I went to local shop to try on Asics. Size US12 is the size for me same as Brooks I currently used.

    I ordered the one below. When it arrived, it was too tight. I was frustrated.  2 weeks later I was in KL and I visited Asics Boutique and I tried Nimbus and Cumulus size US12 and theyt fit perfectly.

    When I got home I looked closely at my cumulus and it is size US12 for women!

    Women US12 = 44.5 EURO = 28.5cm. Men shoes should be US12 = 46.5 EURO = 29.5cm.

    Then I filed a complain. A week later, I got full refund and I got to keep the shoes.






  • 10Sep

    I had a lot of negative thoughts before this event. I was not feeling well the night before. Driving 500km  from Alor Setar for this event was not fun at all. I did not like U-turns.

    That 1st September morning, we arrived late. I had nothing for breakfast. We were looking for parking when everybody started running. We started when all runners in front of us already disappeared into darkness.  Luckily a few late comers appeared from behind. We met more runners when we stopped at Masjid for prayers after 5km into the run.

    The U-Turns:  It seems that the U-turns were the reason that I can see who else in the run. If not I will only know a few runners with similar pace with me.

    Garmin Forerunner 405: The battery supposed to last 8 hours. Maybe I charged it 24 hours earlier and it was more than  a year old already, it only last 36km i.e 6 hours in the run. To solve this, I have to run faster next time. I googled and found out there is  no solution to extend the battery life of Garmin 405.

    Overall: The event was organised nicely. I look forward to join again next year and Ocean Marathon too.


    I met Jason Thai in the dark. I got to know his name from facebook.


    Enough water stations and energy stuff for the events. Fuel belt is not required.


    It was a fun run. There were a lot of smiling, cheering and joking.


    The scenery was breathtaking. You run fast, you lose actually.


    What the future holds for this kid? We came across a few Kampung Orang Asli during the run.


    I managed to finish it just before 1pm. It seems that I was running, walking, resting on the road for nearly 8 hours!


  • 26Aug

    4 days of cycling, hiking and flying around Mount Everest. Start saving guys!


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